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State of Wonder: A Novel (P.S.)

State of Wonder - Ann Patchett Could not stand Mr. Fox, but really enjoyed the book in spite of that. As soon as he was introduced and Dr. Singh talked about having trouble remembering to call him by his first name when they were alone, yeah, jerk alert. When they delivered the news about Anders death to his wife, it became pretty clear that Dr. Singh had some issues to get over. I kept going because I was curious to know what would happen to her in Brazil, and to know more about the work of Dr. Swenson. Again I almost put it down when Dr. Singh put the cell/sat phone in her suitcase instead of her carry-on, why would you ever do that?? Also, perhaps I'm just a paranoid traveler, but doesn't everyone pack a change of clothes in their carry-on these days just in case? Once the story moves to Brazil however, Patchett does a great job setting the scene, it was very easy to visualize Dr. Singh in Manaus with Milton & the Bovenders, their little daily jaunts to keep her busy; and later on in the jungle with the Drs. and tribe. I liked that Dr. Singh settled in and started working with the team once they reached the jungle, acquiring the same passion that they had to work on the drugs. It seemed that once she had a lab and a project to focus on, it was easier for her to handle living in an environment that she was unaccustomed to, and that felt right for her character. Dr. Swenson was a very "love to hate" character for me, I found her very interesting. It's easy to understand her reasons for her point of view, but still quite difficult to forgive such harsh behavior. The "pharma research in the jungle" angle definitely brought the movie Medicine Man to mind, but not in a bothersome or bad way. It didn't feel either surprising or unsurprising to find out that Ander's was alive, perhaps because with the personalities and situation it did not seem implausible that he had wandered off in a fever. However, what was up with the two of them sleeping together at the end? Dr. Singh is a bit of a mess in need of therapy, but still, half of her aim for this trip had been to bring back some piece of mind for Ander's wife - and she decides to comfort him in bed...what? Especially crazy considering all the tree bark she'd been stocking up on, I could totally see a pregnancy happening here. So that irritated me as well. At least Dr. Singh had the decency not to hop out of the car at the house with him back home after that. If there were to have been an epilogue, I can only hope it would have involved therapy and a job change.I was kind of torn between 3 or 4 stars - the naivety of Dr. Singh did bother me quite a bit, but once the story moved to Manaus and got rolling, I was totally sucked in & couldn't put it down.