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Conspiracy (The Emperor's Edge Book 4)

Conspiracy (The Emperor's Edge Book 4) - Lindsay Buroker Cannot wait for the next book! I feel like Buroker's timing with Akstyr's story was good...I had not really cared for his character much at all, but this book brought me around. He's still not my favorite, but am looking forward to seeing continued growth & maturity from his character. I do think that Amaranthe lets Sicarius off a little too easily for the Forge killings considering that Books hadn't finalized confirmation of if/how much those people were involved, and even if they were all fully involved in evil doings, 20 is still a lot of murders to brush off - good intentions or not. Since it's only fiction however, and since I really do like how their relationship is handled otherwise, I'll forgive it. Very interested to see what happens next now that the group has rescued Sespian & how things work out between him & Sicarius.