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The Knife of Never Letting Go: Chaos Walking: Book One

The Knife of Never Letting Go  - Patrick Ness Ugh. I plowed through it, the suspense kept me going & I couldn't put it down. But, I knew halfway through that I wasn't sure if I would continue on with the series. The plot was too decompressed for me. More answers should have been given throughout the book instead of waiting until the very end - I felt like the reader did a lot of waiting for this kid to grow up. Plus, I understand that this boy has been raised only by men, so *of course* he is full of that whole "I'm not going to ask for help no matter how much I need help" attitude, but it got tired real fast.I'm sorry, I don't care how uneducated you are, if you need help because people are chasing after you to kill you; and someone has given you a note that could HELP? You freaking give the note to someone to read. You don't run away in a "I'll wait until I can read it for myself" hissy-fit.All I could think of throughout this book was the stereo-typical male response - that "I don't need directions or advice" attitude. Considering the attitude was coming from an angst-y preteen, I suppose it should be an understandable attitude, but I honestly stopped caring. In the end, I was finishing the book to hear the answer of what had happened in this town, on this planet. Not to find out whether Todd made it to Haven or not. I did like Viola's character and I may eventually pick up book 2 - when I have more patience - to see how it goes. From reading reviews I understand it's very different from book 1. But that won't be anytime soon.