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Flash Gold (a steampunk novella set in the Yukon) (The Flash Gold Chronicles)

Flash Gold (Flash Gold Chronicles #1) - Lindsay Buroker I enjoyed this. It was such a quick read at 50 pages, just enough to introduce the characters and peak your interest in both them and the plot possibilities. The author notes at the end that she is trying to gauge interest with this short, and to please comment on her website if you would like to read more about the characters and this plot. Initially Kali makes me think of Firefly's Kaylee, however, I could see her evolving beyond this as the author grows her character. The flash gold concept is interesting, it would be great to see Kali learn more about it, her father, and how her father invented it. Her involvement with Cedar could be good too if happens on a subtle, natural level. I'd hate to see it turn into a formula romance.