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The Irresistible Henry House: A Novel

The Irresistible Henry House - Lisa Grunwald I feel like this book was made more interesting to me simply because I read it on the heels of finishing Room. While Room is focused on the bond between mother & child, and how that bond & love helps both to handle a horrifying situation, this book is almost the opposite. By contrast, instead of forming a bond, Henry, an orphan, is raised by several practice mothers in the practice house of a women's college home-ec program. This constant handing-off, along with the style of parenting taught in the program, prevents Henry from developing a strong bond with any one mother. Of course this leads to issues as he grows up and the remainder of the book covers the course of Henry's life up through early adulthood. To a point, the further I read in this book, the more disturbed and nervous I became. During his high school days, and the time in New York & California, I kept expecting Henry to start killing people. Fortunately that did not happen, but I would not have been surprised if it did. I enjoyed seeing him look in a mirror through living with Peace while in London & I am glad the book ended with the possibility that he was thinking about changing his life. It would have been too neat, tidy & unbelievable if the author had wrapped it all up with a happily ever after.