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On the Noodle Road: From Beijing to Rome, with Love and Pasta - Jen Lin-Liu I received an early reviewer copy of On the Noodle Road for free.I enjoyed On the Noodle Road, although it was a bit of a slow read at times and I was a bit wary after Lin-Liu brought up her worries regarding the impact that her travel would have on her new marriage. The information about the food was what interested me most, although I found the sections on the Central Asian countries and Iran fascinating as well.I understand that this is a memoir as well as travelogue, but I guess I did not expect the details about the authors feelings on her marriage to be so personal. At times it felt overly intimate. The blurb I read did not make it clear how much of the story would be about finding the author making peace with her heritage and as a wife. I love learning about food and other cultures though, so I was eventually able to overlook this. For others that may not be so easy. My rating is actually closer to 3.5 stars.The recipes all sound fantastic. I have yet to try any, but they definitely have me craving a variety of noodle dishes. This may be the book that finally gets me to make pasta from scratch!