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Hammered: The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Three

Hammered - Kevin Hearne Wow, so much darker than books 1 & 2! Still plenty of humor, loved the bonding between Atticus, Leif, and Gunnar during their drive to the forest. However, I can only give 3 stars because... hello, TWO gods tell Atticus that this is a supremely bad idea, and for all his "Ok Jesus, lesson learned" - the information is totally in one ear and out the other. It is very naive of Atticus to think that team Thor-must-die would be happy to get to Asgard, take a few shots, figure "well, this is going nowhere good" and leave. Of course they would want to follow through on their vengeance regardless of whether it means their death! Someone a thousand years old should be able to figure this out!I'm also on board with several other reviewers here - what was Atticus thinking when he promised to help the frost giants kidnap Freya?! He can't have been planning to go back on his word, because this whole book is about how keeping his word is more important than lives lost or causing a world crisis. Plus, here he is helping avenge the crimes of Thor while promising to help take a prisoner. There are plenty of good examples as to why these guys are after Thor, but no examples of what Freya could have done to deserve being held captive (and most likely worse) by a bunch of randy giants. I'll still give book 4 a shot, but it has a lot of character redeeming work to do. If I don't see it happening, I probably won't stick with the rest of the series.